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assless-chapsLULZ. This is what happens after hours of working in SL for the relay for life.



Birds and the Bees.

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dirtyeEsther was falling in love.

Of course she didn’t know that’s what it was, she just knew she had found a quiet, happy contentment. Oh sure, the other gals teased her about it. They threatened him, and both were careful to keep it out of the public eye. In all her simplicity, her innocence, Esther found a man who appreciated it, and maybe.. loved her for it.

(Now before anyone starts on how un-gorean it is for a panther and a man to love each other, please realize that this probably couldn’t have happened with any other characters except them. Esther is innocent, sheltered, and does not know the hatred and hurt that most panthers do. She doesn’t hate men, she just wants to continue her rather pleasant life in the woods. He struggles with this. It’s his battle. He likes the way she is. He has absolutely no desire to change what he sees as a beautiful being, to anything other than what she is. A collar, a companionship, even sex would change that. He wants to keep her in stasis.)


He pauses halfway from the inn seeing Kalea lying in the sun and draws to a stop just around the trees. His legs flex and he lowers the weight of his body slipping from his sandles, his feet touch the grass, digging in as he lowers himself and slowly begins to creep forward, hiding his sight from the tree line and thinking about the direction of the wind.

Esther Repine yawns lazily having been up working on something most of the night. She wiggled a little, nestling herself into the sun-warmed loamy soil and put her arm over her eyes to shield them from the light.

He reaches up and slips his axe from his back hiding and crouched close to the tree, and then setting it lightly to the soft grass and loam, even the sound of the grass crushing beneath it seems too loud, magnified by his heightened senses. He removes his bow and his quiver of arrows and leaves them to rest as well, peeking from behind the tree furtively, gauging the distance, and the lie of the hill, thinking it not quite steep enough to offer additional cover.

Esther Repine fidgets a little, sitting up as she mumbles under her breath. She pulled her bow off and set it down beside her, within easy reach of her fingertips. She looks around, hearing a soft noise somewhere in the distance. Her eyes narrowed for a moment, scanning the surroundings. After a few heartbeats of no more noise, she shrugged, assuming it was some animal, and laid back down, putting her arm over her eyes again to sunbathe.
He stiffens sharply, stilling himself, holding his breath that seems to come in great ragged gulps of excitement and anticipation. He checkes furtively again, watching you become still. He lowers himself to the ground, creeping forward much like an animal but slower, more careful. His eyes never leaving the sight of Kalea as he lowers into a predatory crawl, his focus entirely upon ambushing the helpless panther as she sun bathes. A smile plays over his lips, her bow was off of her, and it was one less thing to worry about.
Esther Repine smiled as she felt the sun warm her skin. Searching in the creek for the vulo that was stuck in the mud was worth it, but the water was still chilly, and she was now thankful for the warmth the sun gave off. She sighed happily and stretched, wiggling her toes in the grass before lifting one leg up toward the pleasant rays.
He  feels every detail of the wet grass beneath his feet, alive and soft and giving, denying him traction, her motion stilled him again, and his mouth and lips seemed to turn dry as he struggled to keep his panting inaudible. She didn’t seem to notice him, his prey, but now she was stirred and it was only a matter of time. He lowered himself further crouching like a feral animal ready to spring with all its intensity as he drew a deep breath, galvanizing his lungs and muscles with oxygen. A pause and then he leaps forward racing toward you, aiming higher on your body to not catch a knee as his his eyes on your hands, to restrain then, hoping enough to panic you in lifting them in defense he lets loose with a fairly credible though quieter and diminished sound of a larl  as he leaps and dives commiting to the ambush though aiming to impact his knees before they reach your body.

Esther Repine bolts up, or at least as much as she can. Her eyes wide, she flings her arms upward in an instinctual attempt to guard her face. A muffled growl was heard as she set her jaw, readying for a fight. Every muscle in her body tensed at that brief moment, before in her rush of adrenaline, she calmed enough to see exactly what.. or rather who.. was leaping on top of her. Her growl turned to a laugh, the tense muscles relaxed with a sigh, although her chest was heaving with every breath from the excitement. “Cal! You scared me!” she admonished him, playfully pushing and struggling against him.

He laughs aloud and continues making mock larl noises as he pushes your hands way and his lips find your stomach making exaggerated and comical noises of an animal as he mock bit at your soft tummy, announcing loudly, “Nom Nom Nom!” He grins at her weight shiftted and pushed against him causing him to give ground as he wrestled at her arms playfully, “I am a fierce mountain larl, here to eat you up!” But his own laughter had made him weaker then his body mass suggested, it choking air from him at her reaction.

Esther Repine laughs and squirms as he nibbled on her stomach. She even squeaked a little as the bites tickled her stomach. She was laughing so hard she could barely contain it, until she found hold with her hands on his arms and starting pushing him to the side, rolling her weight on top of him. “Oh no larl, I’m a mighty huntress!” she said as she stradled him and started tickling back, using her teeth and fingers to playfully nibble and poke him. “I shall hunt you, and eat YOU up!”

He laughs with a bit of surprise at her wirey strength, something he should have expected. Instead of resisting however he rolls with the motionand continues it assisting with the gravity of the slope though coming up short at the tickling, the sounds you make endearing him to the heart, he stops mid wrestle and stuggle against your hands and looks up at you straddling over him, your face covered in childlike joy and the sun streaming through your hair and he cannot help but pause in that moment, and just look at you, his face softening a little, and even some of the humor falling away being replaced with a sense of some awe.

Esther Repine pauses in her laughter as she sees his face change. At first she thought something was wrong, that she had done something wrong. Her stomach did a flip in concern, until she saw that he still looked happy, or rather.. content. She looked at him a moment longer, then slowly bent to place her lips on his. She granted him this one, soft, innocent kiss, where in that moment she felt as if the world stopped. She leaned back up, wiggling a little then stuck again, nipping at his skin with her teeth and mimicing his “nom nom nom!” over his neck and chest.

He laughs again the spell seemingly broke as he flailed from beneath her and brought his hands up to her ribs ticking at the skin, his fingers undulating wildly and lightly as he calls out, “Tarn Goad!” and immitated electric shocks to her sides with gentle jabs, seeming relaxed and indulged in this, even as he wriggled and writhed beneath her. The taste of the softness of her kiss was still on his lips, and though his blood was already pumping it was certainly also surging in another direction and he tried to shake that from his head, and decided her nearly mounting him simply would not do, and he gripped at your sides and twisted his hims and back letting himself fall away from what might seem like a dangerously provocative connection until his stomach found its way more harmlessly between your legs, and he congratulated himself in the victory only realizing as he returned to “Nomming” the flesh that it put his face level with your firm and youthful flesh. He paused only a moment, but reasoned you no insecurity of the body and he wouldn’t visit on you other then to spare you his own lusty and accidental prodding, and he buried his face into the valley of your breasts making muffled “Nom nom nom” noises, his facial hair fortunately mostly past the rasping state of five o’clock shadow.

Esther Repine lets out a small squeak as he began noming on her chest. The squeak quickly turned to a gasp as his lips explored one of the more sensative areas of her body. She arched her back in reaction to his mouth laying seige to the valley of her breasts, her knees went up to support her futher. Her skirt had shifted up, but modesty was never an issue. She didn’t concern herself with it, other than to note the pleasant feeling of her bare bottom against the smoothness of his stomach’s skin. She grinned, laughed and tousled his hair with her fingertips. “Oh fierce larl, you have slain me!” she said in jest.

He grins at her and takes it as an excuse to shift his face away from the too pleasant fullness of her breasts that sparked such desire, her skin soft on his as he announces, “Then the larl takes his prize! Fresh meat!” and pushes himself lower with a flurry of noms against the softness of her stomach, his lips nipping and teeth occassionally grabbing at the feminine softness of your stomach and then slowing suddenly as he realizing his chest is sliding down uncovered flesh. He looks to you awkwardly and parts his lips to speak but then shuts them. He rethinks what he was about to say, feeling a little awkward about the intimacy of it and announces instead, “And you are eated, the larl is full and sated.”

Esther Repine quivers a little as the friction of his stomach against her flesh sparked a sensation that was somewhat new to her. She too, opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it. She instead decided to revel in their game a little longer. She grinned to him, then placed the back of her hand on her forehead, and stuck out her tongue. “Blarg! I’m dead!” she squeaked out and lolled her tongue to the side, playing possum.
He grins and makes a few more playful nips then pauses kissing the skin softly, and nuzzling it with a gentleness, slowly, he begins to rise, “I was just coming to tell you my boat is here and its time for me to be gone for a couple days, and I didn’t want to leave without letting you know I did, Kalea.” He considers how easy it would be, how natural, and relaxed it would seem for him to continue the game, his kisses and bites moving lower and lower, and forget the boat entirely. But it seemed like deceitful advantage, so instead he reluctantly raised himself way from the warm soft embrace of you skin, drawing a ragged breath and offering her a smile, “Odin willing I’ll be back in two or three days.”
Esther Repine lifts herself on her elbows and frowns, but nods. “Be careful, and when you get back, I’ll have a present for you.” she smiled to him, taking a deep breath to calm herself after their little toussle.
He stands and walks, away, his eyes scouting the woods first, then looking back to see you, nearly walking into the tree he had hidden his weapons in sandals behind because his gaze lingered too long.


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I thought I’d be just like erebody else and make a separate RL blog. (Mostly cause my RL has been leaking in here far too much.)

So here ya go.


In case you were wondering, tsi-sa-du is my name. It’s Cherokee for “Rabbit”

Lucy and Ethel.

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[20:51]  Esther Repine: It’s official, everyone thinks I’m crazy.
[20:52]  Dream Resistance laughs
[20:52]  Dream Resistance: You are, but it cracks me up
[20:52]  Dream Resistance: It’s gotta be fun to play Esther
[20:52]  Esther Repine: Hey, at least this way no one will rape me. Esther will be innocent forever. I mean really.. who is gonna rape the retarded kid?

It’s true. I *adore* playing Esther. Maybe because she’s so different than who I am. Maybe it’s the challenge to always be bright and chipper when I really don’t feel too happy in reality. Maybe it’s just starting fresh.

Whatever it is, Esther is a blast. Tarna is a blast. Night after night I get no-nonsense rp. No drama, no strings attached. I can go away for a week and pick up right where I left off.

Somehow we decided that Esther and Dream are the Lucy and Ethel of Gor. It seems like every day they have some new scheme going on – pranking the other gals, pranking the traders, finding ways to swindle folks at the trading post. Inevitably, Esther gets into some kind of trouble and Dream (and Grace!) have to bail her out. Esther will botch things, and the rest of the tribe will look at her with a sour face, then burst into a grin and laughter because Esther did something else that was oh-so-adorably innocent and funny.

So, keep an eye out for more schennanigans of the mischevious Esther.

Capture, averted.

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Decades since the Viking had approached a forest such as this one, memories fondling his mind as he glacned about in examination of the environment. “Hmm.” The sound was murmered to himself as his eyes quickly dropped down to his side, his feet kicking the sods that settled before him on the weathered planks. The weather; it must’ve been harsh here for these docks to seem beaten up as such. Moments of hesistation was interrupted by a faint sound within the depths of the woods before training his eyes into the distance, searching for anything that seemed out of sync before leaning forward on his hind legs, sending him into the woods through planks and rough terrain in search of that faint noise that suddenly stopped; it was a goose chase but one which he hoped had resulted in something beneficial.

Confusion went through as he wound up in a horde of bosks, the tainted scent of reminents of the food earlier consumed by them was illuminating the air around him in distaste. Pivoting upon the ball of his heel, he adverted a series of glances in each direction in search of what could possibly have deterred his meditation. Another direction was pursued as he eagerly looked for that sound that had so intrigued his curiousity, searching for that ruffle within the trees that caused him to sprint, kicking up bunches of dew with each burst, evading trees and rocks that could interrupt his journey further into the depths of this unknown forest.

Esther rubbed her eyes, still dusted with sleep and yawned. Something about the winter made her lazy and overly lethargic. She shuffled herself toward the traps, her eyes slowly scanning the mountain above her for that stray larl that had attacked a few weeks ago. Her keen senses picked up nothing of that animal, but had caught a scent of something new. Perhaps just another person in the outpost, but after her recent foray into civilization, she was wary. A rustle in the woods above her caused her to flinch, and stand perfectly still. The larl? No. Her nose told her it was human. Her eyes flicked upward and caught sight of a person.. a man.. on /their/ side of the woods.

Tristyn Vaher’s boots continued to travel forward, leaving faint imprints withing the terrain.

There it was, the figure that stood nonchalant within the shadows of the towering plants, unique in form as he gazed upon her with no weapon drawn. Could he have been a fool for no withdrawing his weapon? Was it the curiousity that left him oblivious to his safety? Nevertheless, wandering orbs caught a glimpse of her posture, her unwavering stance before slowly lowering a hand to his side, nimble fingers idly stroking the weapon at his side, confined within its hilt as he approached the woman with caution. “Tal.” The tone was raised with confidence, the weapon had his side proved value in the past and surely wouldn’t let him down in this instance. The greeting was meant to be fair, subtle without conflict depending on how she would react, “I was curious about this place and heard movement in the distance.” His reasoning was impeccable to his intentions, although he remained on higher ground definantely proved his advantage over her. Distance was still retained but slowly it decreased as his treading

Esther stood completely still, every muscle in her body tensed and ready for the inevitable fight-or-flight that seemed to come with any chance meeting in the woods. Like an effigy to some forgoten civilization, she stood poised this way for only a split second longer, before the word “Tal” rose from her throat and broke free into the morning air. Her hands wanted to drift to her weapons. Her right palm itched to have the supple wood of her bow within it. She knew, however, that any movement toward a weapon would constitute an agressive act. Hostility with strangers was unwanted. Not with her alone, in the woods. Silently she chided herself for being so bold to check the traps alone. “The outpost is on the other side of the creek. You can find trade there.” she pointed behind her. Perhaps he was just lost.

The hospitality was as usual; unoffered and hard to come by when upon these feline creatures. Evidence of his evasion of them was portrayed within her actions of unwelcome, his idle trance with his bow was easily discontinued before continuing his approach, mindful of the upper hand he already gained by leaving some heigh difference between the pair. “I’ve been there already, your movement obtained my interest.” Panthers were difficult to come by now considering the vast popularity of Vikings and Pirates today. If listened closely, there could be a slightly audible sigh that had emitted from his lips remincising the days where it was only Panthers and Warriors that settled the very lands he walked upon today. A lot had changed but it was relieving to see someone that abided by old culture such as herself, despite being hostile and dissmissive towards him. “Who runs upon these lands, Huntress?” The question was blunt, for he wanted to inquire much more than the common hospitality that they kindly offered; Tristyn Vaher by the Priest Kings, his sarcasm had the best of him as he continued to close the distance, halting atop the large rock before her and awaited a response.

 Esther flicked her eyes upward, as her instinct took over. A subtle movement in her body language suggested wariness. He was too close for comfort. She took one small step backward as he took one forward. “Tarna.” She said, quietly but purposefully. She was naive in many things, but the recent trade excursion to Laura, and the man who placed a slash on both her cheeks had taught her to be suspicious of all men. The wounds had healed, not even a scar marred her features. The memory remained, and the knowledge imparted by this incident was clear. She was an endangered species. “This was Laura, before the earthquake and mudslides. That outpost is all that is left. Tarna runs this side.” She said cooly, and calmly. As of yet, he hadn’t given her reason to run, or fight. Her eyes fixed on his face, and studied his features. She was trying to discern if he were one of the ‘sick’ people, that Oiva had warned her about.

Laura was faint memory of his, told to him of an old companion and a former Ranger of Laura, “I see.” The odd coincidence that panthers still remained in a chaos that destroyed trees and forests enlightened his inquiry to new heights as he quickly hopped down from the rock behind her, quickly pinning her to the back of the rocks that would give no way for her escape. That was all he needed to change the predicament that she tried to leave herself away from. “So tell me, what do you do for survival?” Tristyn’s curiousity had peaked, she was alone here and his past experiences here proved that it was desolate and empty most of the time, hardly anyone around for her to become rescued by a large group.

Esther spun on her heel, snapping to face him. “Why don’t you just tell me what it is you want?” She was growing impatient, and increasingly uneasy by his presence. With a nimble movement of her left foot, she steadied herself against the rock. The simple act of using it as a counterweight would allow her to either leap upon it, or propel herself forward much faster than she could manage alone. In the distance, she heard one of the traps trigger. The snap of a twig, the small cry of an animal. Another frevet, most likely, or an urt. No, no. Keep your mind clear Kalea. Time for plan B. She smiled most pleasantly to him, exposing her chipped front tooth, a trophy from a fight with her brothers a few years ago. “Are you an explorer or somethin?” she asked quite nicely.

The transition of facades didn’t face him as her evident friendly demanor was simply an act to deter him into another intention different from the one he contemplated during the first few moments of their encounter. “A Viking.” The reply seemed feeble and unadequate but it was true, he had Northern blood in him and could get very ruthless. The distance had significantly decreased to a foot length as he gazed upon her form, intriguing him slightly, never having the sort of captivity circumstance with one for quite some time now. Simplicity in his responses kept her on guard as he leaned slightly, no need for his weapon at the moment considering the proximity proved to benefit him slightly, knowing his brute strength could easily withhold her evasive movement or her retaliiation.

Esther tilted her head, not quite comprehending his purpose here in the woods. “You didn’t answer my question.” she crossed her arms in front of her chest and rocked slightly back and forth on her foot. Perhaps violence wasn’t needed. She hoped so. at least. “What is it that you want?” Her gaze fixed on his face, unflinchingly. Although the situation was.. less than desirable.. her natural demeanor caused her to keep light of things, even in the worst of circumstances. The slow rocking of her foot had served it’s purpose. She now had stable footing to ensure her possible flight.

Contemplation of what he had intended to inflict upon her had to occur soon due to her lack of interest with him as he lowered his gaze to her feet, attempting to assume what she was preparing for. As her limbs swayed, he knew she was ready to flee before he could act. “You’ll soon find out.” The response deserved action right at that moment but he refrained momentarily as he pondered how she would take it; would she flee? Would she protest? Undecided on his assumption of how she would react left him in a bubble, whether to act now or hesitate some more. Nevertheless, he did have his sword behind him, quick to draw and cause damage upon her sensative flesh to hold her to this position. “Soon enough.” The Viking added, his patience and composure was evident during this conversation as he took a step closer to her, leaving no reminents of the distance they previously had, his broad form pressed against her, pinning her against the rough texture of the rock containing her to barely any room to pry free.

Grace Loudon looks around and calls out “Esther! Traps full?!”
Esther flung her arms forward, pressing her palms against his chest and pushing outward gently. “Listen. No need for bein rude. My pappy used to say the best way to tell if a society is goin downhill is a lack ‘o manners.” She slipped to the side a little, letting out a surprised squeak as she scraped herself against the rock’s face, as she whips her head around. “I’d tell you if I wasn’t pinned up against a rock!”

 Grace Loudon keeps is leveled on him, unwavering. “Step away from her.”
Grace Loudon stares at the man, her bow still aimed steadily. She closes her right eye as it helps her aim and targets his right leg. “Do you not hear? Move or cripple you for a good month!”
 The response that came from her was quite interesting until the woman came from the corner of his eyes. “I wouldn’t.” The woman was held between the tip of the arrow and his form, perfect instance as he reached around his side, nimble fingers stroking the thick texture of his bow. “You better tell her to put her weapon down.” The order was directed towards the woman before him, his single hand dictating her movement with caution, trying to maintain her by wrapping the thick flesh of his arm around her chest, containing her own arms while attempting to prove this situation beneficial to him nevertheless.
Grace keeps her eyes on Esther, as well as the man. She tries to inspect the immediate area, assess where Esther’s weapons are, what is nearby. She examins the mans clothing, his stance, judging as she can whether she should be making this challenge.
Esther lifts her hands to his arm that encircled her chest. “Shoot ’em!” she said as she ducked her chin down, wiggling to get out of his grip.
Grace grumbles under her breath, lowering her bow only slightly. She looks at him, not yet releasing it. “Do you think I am slow? I am a crack shot – and fast enough to bring down a charging forest panther. Shall we test it? Release her, and we’ll be on our way.”
  To Tristyn, the threat was believable, knowing the Chieftess fairly well from stories told by an old friend, who know remains a Mercenary in the same region as him. “I believe it.” Of course she had a shot, she was well known for hit but the dagger at his side proved to be of more value to him as he swiftly adverted his wandering digits to the blade as it was pulled from its confined hilt. “I wouldn’t shoot though. Mistake on your part.” The dagger was fiddled within his grasp, twirling it with skill within two fingers before stopping at the handle. “I could slice that string on that bow easily from this distance.” Indeed it would be difficult, but months of practice with a throwing dagger could be used in situations such as this, targets were placed all over his cabin and every night the man would toss a few hundred to test his skill.
Grace smiles, a little with admiration and respect for the blade, a little our of nervousness over whether or not her skill would be the better of the two. “What say we judge another day then? And for now, we call it even so my panther can come with me. This is a trade post afterall, plenty here for a man such as yourself. No need for one little panther.”
Esther nods vigorously at the chieftess’ words, lifting her hand to point just beyond her toward the creek. “You can have one of the verr. That one drinking out of the creek is Rask, take him.”
Grace keeps her bow aimed, but still slightly lower. Not quite ready to step out of her stance yet in case she needs to move quickly.
The proposition seemed fair, but his usual trait of greed usually consumed his common sense. “I will, it was a very influential conversation I was holding with her, she’ll be with you in a second.” The dagger was still held within his grasp, observing the movement of the Chieftess’ weapon. Admiration of the bond they held was indeed thought of when this situation had arised, but yet he didn’t give into it. “Now if you can excuse us..”
Esther furrowed her brow and coughed. Perhaps he didn’t remember that she didn’t /want/ to go with him? “Er.. you’re excused?”
Grace shakes her head, this time raising the bow again slightly. “I can’t do that. It is quite obvious she has no need to continue a conversation with you. You are a man, stronger I know. And you may be quicker with that blade then I am with my bow. But then again, you may not be. Is she worth a wound that will put you out for a month at least?”
Grace Loudon feels the burn to her arm from holding the bow at the ready for this long. But her muscles do not protest quite yet.
An ominous sound was emitted through parted lips, “Shh.” as he trained his eye on the string the held the bow in tact before bringing the steel within few, recently sharpened considering he had planned this travel for some time now. “She might be, have yet to find out yet.” The blood of the North ran thick throughout his figure as steadied himself for the toss and to think this all started by a rustle within the leaves.
Grace raises her bow, a new strength to her arm. There is a smile on her face as she once again closes her right eye. She tilts her head slightly forward, a habit she picked up when younger, shooting at vart’s with her guardian. Her senses focus now only on him, leaving the noise of the forest a distant thing. The only definite sound that of her steady heartbeat. She waits for the right moment….
Esther shakes her head, and begins to wiggle even more. “I’m not. I smell awful. Honestly, I offend myself.” She wiggled and struggled against his arm viciously, her eyes trained to his hand with the dagger. If she bit down at the right moment, she may be able to throw off his aim.
Tristyn, With the threat at hand, he readies his arm for the toss before winding his arm back, his focus trained on the string she pulled back before launching the blade swiftly through the air with the only sound of a whistle emitted during it’s travel directly towards the weapon.
Esther bit down as hard as she could on his arm that held her, hoping the pain would throw off his aim if even just a little.
Grace sees the blade coming, and releases her arrow at the same instant his hand rose to throw. She moves ever so slightly to the right as the blade veered to the left, obviously influenced by the bite to his arm. She watches the bow head towards its target…
The arrow flew by him as she veered away from the blade before swiftly pulling out the weapon at his side, his pride and joy. With a shove, he tossed the woman before him to the side as he steadied his aim. “You’ve missed once terribly, care to try again?” His life in danger, but it wasn’t natural to kill for no pupose in Gor, for he only aimed for the arm that was used to inflict damage upon him.
Grace Loudon curses as her bow misses its mark, hissing an audible “Damn!” as she moves quickly to the blade that lay on the ground near her picking it up and turning to him again with it in hand.
Grace Loudon watches as Esther is shoved out of the way, suddenly unsure of what she should do…her bow still in hand, the other holding his dagger. She puts the blade into the waist of her pants and reaches back for another arrow, loading her bow with some effort, still surprised over missing her target.
Esther Repine grunts as she hits the ground. Standing up at this moment would be unwise, she realized. Instead, she crouched low, pulling her dagger from it’s sheath on her thigh, quickly pouncing forward to stab at his leg.
Grace Loudon gets it into place with almost comedic timing and aims it at him once again as Esther moves.
Tristyn Vaher With her threatening him with another shot, he quickly avoiding the lunge at his leg before firing a single dart towards her arm, the same one which held the arrow in its grasp. Another whistle could be heard in complete silence.
Grace Loudon cries out as the dart connects with her arm, causing her to flinch her arm from the bow as if it were suddenly too hot to hold onto. She curses again and struggles to aim her bow once more, “Esther he is weaponless! Jump on him!” she shouts as she works to keep aim.
Esther Repine reels back after the miss, stumbling to her feet as he let loose his arrow. She heard the sickening sound of it hitting his target. She didn’t look over, she didn’t need to. Instead, she grabbed her bow from her back, notching an arrow and taking aim. Hearing her chieftess’ voice, she let loose, shooting for his bow arm.
The hit was right on and the bow fell from his grasp but nonetheless, he reached behind him for his sword, pulling it swiftly from his grasp before swinging it towards the womans legs, hoping to atleast slice the flesh but it could’ve been affected by the protruding arrow within his other arm.
Esther Repine takes a step back, dodging his wild swing of the sword. She quickly scrambled over the rock, distance being a saving crace with swords. She neared where the chieftess was. “Ready to run?” she called out as she grabbed for the chieftess’ good arm.
Grace Loudon let loose her arrow wildly and took off with Esther to the safety of the trade post “Yes!”
Tristyn Vaher stumbled from the lunge of the strike, completely missing his opportunity as he remained in his position and watched them escape, more concerned about the protruding arrow within his flesh, whether to rip it out or let it sit to contain the flow of blood that would extract during the process.
Esther Repine clenched her bow in her hand and sprinted off toward the post, too scared to look behind her.

Another day, another trade.

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[23:59] Esther Repine stops behind the crates and looks back at Dream. “You sure it’s okay?” she whispered.

[0:00] Dream Resistance leaned on the fence, smiling, “Yes. Just stay out of arms reach, you’ll be fine. And…you don’t have to actually…crawl up…”

[0:02] Dream Resistance shooed her on ahead, smiling before she masked over with her usual arrogant grimace.

[0:03] Esther Repine looks at her and nods, assuring herself. “Oh.. right.” then strode out from behind the crates purposefully.

[0:03] Esther Repine raised her arm, holding three carcasses of white frevet and managed a smile. “Want ’em?”

[0:04] Dream Resistance walked up behind Esther, letting the “cub” break her teeth on a simple trade. Despite her cool mask, she can’t help but snort a laugh, clearing her throat to cover it.

[0:05] Evela Lannock winces at the horrid sound of metal on metal and looks to the womans voice. She blanches beneath her veils. More dead things. it was unnatural. One shouldn’t see ones food like that. One shouldn’t -see- ones food at all untill it was served to one.

[0:07] Esther Repine taps her foot, a bit impatiently as she takes another step forward, nearly waving the carcasses in the air, their little dead arms flapping. She cleared her throat. “Ahem.. Tal… want ’em? Nice pelts. You want em lady? I’ll let you pet em. Real soft. Nice for a nice lady.”

[0:10] Mehrunes Unsworth: heheh

[0:10] Jonah Sands glances back at Mehrunes “Go and see what the woodsgirls want for those white urts will you? It should keep them away from the Lady here”

[0:10] Evela Lannock’s nose wrinkles, and she backs away two step. “Yes girl I’m sure they are ver nice.” she makes a shooing motion with her hand as if to ward the things away from her. “If you bring them back as a nice muff or hood I would consider them certianly.”

[0:10] Dream Resistance’s lips twitch as she listens and watches Esther, finally forcing her to raise a hand to her mouth to maintain any semblence of her dour demeanor

[0:10] Zari Parx fills a pot with the cold water then takes it outside, using a rep cloth to protect her hands as she raises the pole and hangs the pot alongside the stew, resetting the pole carefully. she returns to the tavern, moving to peek out the window again, noticing the panther’s had taken an interest in the goings on. Or perhaps they had more to trade.

[0:11] Sacha Kessel chuckles, looking up as the two Panther girls’s enter the scene and he chuckles, the rude voice of the small woman, and he faintly grins but ccatches a glance of that other one and he raises his hand, “Tal Red!” he says overly loud and reaches to scoop up the collar, peering over it, “Yes, Lauran made, total useless crap.” and he shrugs, tucking it into his bag, looking back over, “Well, this is your are of expertise Jonah….”

[0:12] Dream Resistance’s face immediately cools as Sacha calls her red, her hand dropping in a fist at her side, the muscles of her jaw flexing, “That isn’t…my name…”

[0:12] Esther Repine lifts her chin a bit. “I’ll thank ya kindly not to call me girl, cause I’m a full growed woman. I can package these right up for ya so you won’t have to touch em, then you can give em to some other nice lady to make yer.. muff.”

[0:13] Evela Lannock calls back in a gracious and over educated accent, “I’m so sorry. I don’t touch dead things.”

[0:14] InuNishu Xue cannot help herself and gazes over to Evela and bursts into laughter.

[0:14] Evela Lannock doesn’t count the meat she eats of course. no no. only the dead things that still have faces.

[0:15] Esther Repine sighs, then speaks slower to the lady. “I /said/ I could package em up for ya. All I’m askin is a bit ‘a candy. Good deal. Ya won’t find a better deal around these parts, or any parts if ye ask me.”

[0:16] Dream Resistance’s eyes dart between all the people talking, laughing, ordering at each other, the muscle over one eye twitching some as she tries to keep up. She was so un-used to groups. Still, she’d spare a scant moment or two to openly glare at the man who called her “Red”, covering for the slight discomfort she felt at the group.

[0:17] Evela Lannock nod and says a little slower and a little clearer. “Thank you but no. and I have no candy. I do have some lovely scrolls with the gorean Alphabet.” she withdraws one from her pocket and hold it out to the girl. She doesn’t move toward her, but it is sort of being offered. “They will help you learn your letters. a gift. no dead things required.”

[0:18] Esther Repine shoots a quick glance back at Dream, and whispers a bit loudly. “Do ya want em? You’re the reader.”

[0:19] Jonah Sands nods “Well, not too many, I will onlyneed one more maximum for the tavern, the last thing we need is to have the outpost full of slaves, it would be more trouble than it’s worth. I’ll see to the door later” he glances back at the free woman “Before any trades are made there is the matter of trade levies to discuss lady…”

[0:20] Evela Lannock nods and smiles brodly under her viels and snaps her fingers to teh nearby slave. If she is leashes Evela dosn’t notice. She just doesn’t want to be near the dead things. she glances to Jonah. “A gift is a trade, Sir?” she is holding the scroll down toward InuNishu..

[0:21] Sacha Kessel chuckles, nodding to the the people as he departs, heading towards the dock and the poling barge that awaits, he looks back across to the the two Panther girls, marking their clothing their stance, and he chuckles, thinking that perhaps he and Red are going to get along just famously

[0:21] Sacha Kessel shrugs, shaking his head a bit, and ignoring the general and rolling comedy that seems to be going on he smiles, “Well Jonah, I’m off again, perhaps I can scare up so more slaves….” he chuckles, looing back and forth between the many layered Free Woman, almost like an onion, to the rather shapely Panther girls, wondering which out of the three would look best stripped to nothing and he shrugs, he really had to control such thoughts.

[0:23] InuNishu Xue gazes up at Evela with wide eyes. “I know how to read and I may only own what my Master wishes me to have, but thank you Mistress.”

[0:23] Dream Resistance’s look snapped over to the scroll with the letters, calling out, “We’ll take that if it’s a gift. Goodwill and all…”

[0:23] Jonah Sands cocks his head “It is, if only one sided though that scroll is hardly worth placing a price on, however, before ‘gifting’ anything to a slave, expecially one who has been recently collared it is considered good graces to ask the owner of the beast first if he minds. Besides, I thought that you were speaking to the panther girls” he looks back down at the girl “Well, time to make yourself useful, go to the tavern behind you and look for a shapely dark slave, she is named zari. Ask her to show you where everything in in there”

[0:24] Dream Resistance folded her arms, “You’re both nitwits, she’s giving us the scrolls.”

[0:24] Evela Lannock rolls her eyes and scowls, “take it, slave, and give it to them.” she says harshly pointing toward the panthers. “Oh for hevens sake I was giving her nothing sir. nothing but a taks to do.”

[0:25] Zari Parx chuckled softly, moving back from the window so her eavesdropping does not appear so obvious. She hurriedly returns to the dishes.

[0:25] Jonah Sands cuts a glance to the woman “lady… I have just given her a chore to fulfil… and you may not have noticed but I was in the middle of seeing to her collaring, now unless you have something wrong with your legs I suggest you go and give the thing to them”

[0:26] Esther Repine waves the dead frevets a little in the air, mostly because she knows it makes the lady uncomfortable.

[0:27] InuNishu Xue turns her head to look at the Inn and then looks back up at Jonah. “Yes Master.” She rises quickly and turns to hide the smile at the way her Master is speaking to the Free Woman. Her feet move quickly over the wooden planks but she makes sure to sway her hips in a pleasing manner as she moves to the Inn and disappears inside the doorway.

[0:27] Evela Lannock gives him a very cool look opting not to point out that she had given the girl a chore first. she takes two steps closer and pitches the rolled scroll toward the women, But she is gorean and has the strength of a twelve year old boy and isn’t too athletic. It might make it too them, though it would probably fall short.

[0:30] Jonah Sands turns and nods to Oiva as he steps forward “Alright then, I have a few crates of dried larma, what are you offering”

[0:30] Dream Resistance rubs her face with her hand, shaking her head slightly, “Jonah, we’re here for the dried fruit.” She gestures to Esther, holding the pelts

[0:30] Dream Resistance watches the scroll flutter to the ground, a few feet in front of them. This was just going to be one of those days, she could tell. She just blinked at Jonah a moment, then elbowed Esther in the side.

[0:31] Esther Repine holds up the three carcasses again, her arm getting quite tired. “Three frevet. Nice winter pelts. Wanna pet em?”

[0:31] Jonah Sands looks them over and sighs “And what do you expect me to do with three dead rodents? Stick a pole up their arses and turn them into puppets for children? I want cured pelts, the very least you could do is skin them”

[0:32] Dream Resistance flicked a hand toward the Inn, “You’ve got slaves, dontcha?”

[0:32] Esther Repine rolls her eyes. “But they’re /fresh/. It’s like a two-fer. You get the meat *and* the pelts.”

[0:32] Esther Repine shrugs her shoulders. “Or puppets might be nice.. until they start to smell.”

[0:33] Mehrunes Unsworth: heh, puppets

[0:33] Dream Resistance lifted a balled fist in front of her mouth, literally biting the knuckle of the thumb not only to hold her tongue to let Esther do the trade, but to keep from laughing

[0:34] Jonah Sands just looks at Esther then flicks his gaze to Oiva for a moment. He grunts “Alright, one crate of dried larma for them, and that’s me being generous as I’m in a particularly magnanimous mood…”

[0:35] Dream Resistance looked at Jonah, obviously having a hard time keeping her facade up, then looked to Esther, letting her decide.

[0:35] Esther Repine tilts her head, after thinking. “Sounds good to me.. just ahh.. well.. if you do make em into puppets, stuff em first.. or it might make children cry…” She looked suddenly really worried that he *would* jiggle dead things in front of kids for a chuckle.

[0:37] Evela Lannock withdraws another step or two having done her part to encourage literacy among the less fortunate. Perhaps the day wan’t a total waste after all. She feels rather pious and charitable. and it shows in her proud stance.

[0:39] Jonah Sands would if he could figure out how to make coin from it… He nods, eyeing the three small corpses dubiously before he points to one of the small crates on the docks “Grab one of those, the ~small~ ones. And leave the frevets in it’s place. I’ll send one of the girls for it, or do it myself if they haven’t skinned anything before” He turns, showing the trade is done, his face sliding into the mask of pleasant nonchalance as he directs his attention to the Lady

[0:40] Evela Lannock turns to study the huge quiver of arrows, “How long do you plan to be out hunting sir? Only it does seem like a great many arrows.”

[0:40] Jonah Sands: “Now Lady, how may I help you and what brings you to the outpost?”

[0:41] Esther Repine jutts out her elbow to nudge Dream, and nearly flings the dead things in her face. “Did good, didn’t I?”

[0:43] Dream Resistance winces away from the carcasses, her hand rising to grab Esthers wrist and guide the handful down, “Yes…you did…fabulous.” She coughs a couple times, covering short, puntuated laughs. As Jonah’s back was turned she let go of Esthers hand and took a few steps forward behind him, benting neatly double to snatch the scroll up off the deck, her eyes scanning over the letters. This would help her efforts to teach her tribe, for sure

[0:43] Evela Lannock looks away from the arrow. “Sheer despairing accident sir. I was en route to Laura.” She frowns, “As it turns out I needed to stop and change.” her tone is exasperated. “I will have a boat come and collect me tomorrow. Tehy are sending word. Unfortunatly they could not wait for me and I most certianly could not go forward in that state.”

[0:45] Esther Repine shuffles around Dream and Jonah, turning so her back isn’t to him.. she didn’t trust him after all. How could you trust a guy who would make smelly puppets? She slinked her way around to where he indicated the crate was. “Help me with this?” she asked Dream.

[0:47] Evela Lannock leans around Jonah to call helpfully, “Don’t forget the scroll!”

[0:47] Jonah Sands nods “I see Lady, well, I will have some business at some point in Laura, but you are welcome to stay here until the boatman comes. And in deference to your current situation I will only charge a token five copper for food, refreshment and lodgings for this night”

[0:49] Dream Resistance looks at the woman and shakes the scroll that she’d just picked up off the deck, “Got it Lady, and thank you for your oh so generous donation to those less fortunate.” She emphasized her high caste accent and tucked the scroll into the top of her shirt, moving to join Esther in picking up one of the smaller crates.

[0:50] Evela Lannock blinks. “so little? that is most kind of you. But I am not without means if the starndard price is greater.” She is very booksmart this scribe, but her commonsense . . .well . . .judge for yourselves. She smiles and waves a magnanimus welcom to the girls even as she moves away from them.

[0:50] Esther Repine dropped the frevet where the crate was and held up her hand in a mock salute. “So long, and thanks for all the larma!”

[0:52] Jonah Sands smiles warmly, though he has still not quite grasped the fact that a smile is supposed to reach the eyes, he waves a hand dismissively “No lady, I would not be one to take advantage of a Lady in that way. besides, perhaps you could send some business my way when you reach Laura.”

[0:52] Jonah Sands cuts a lightly amused glance to Esther before returning his attention to the woman

[0:53] Dream Resistance blinked at the woman’s wave, shaking her head slightly as she helps Esther with the small crate. She’d need to return later to alleviate the “red” issue of her hair color. This was not a nickname she’d endure long

[0:54] Evela Lannock nods and gives studies him, her own gaze obscured by her veils, “Business? of what sort sir? Have you need of a scribe? or fresh scrols for your scribery?” of course he has a scribery! who doesn’t have a scribery?

[0:55] Esther Repine whistles a little tune as she strides off, cutting in with some lyrics. “Oh.. there’s a trader ’round the corner.. whose sometimes not so friendly..”

Garian and Sabina’s Companionship

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This was originally posted on Garian’s blog, but since he’s cleaning house and making a new blog – I’m saving it here.


Adamark Susenko nods and clears his throat, ‘I ask that all of you be silent as I deliver a speech to the happy couple.’ AHem, ahem, ahehehehehe hehe cough cough hack hack hem. Mhm. Cough, wheeze.

“Friends and citizens, thank you for coming to witness this companionship today.”

“The Free Companionship is a duty, a pillar of the society, the rising up of the free woman to step into her place fully and with profound respect. There is no woman more respected than the Gorean Free Companion.”

“That woman is respected because she is the mother of free Gorean Men. She is a paragon of the virtues of Gorean Free Women that make them worthy to be the mothers of men. She is Strong, She is proud, she is a woman beyond values, beyond price. And may her sons, and may she have many, grow to become fine strong Gorean Men.”

“Vorenus Tatus, one of the great heroes of Ti, was known as an explorer, a wanderer, a seeker of knowledge. Fitting too, as his descendant’s hands are held by a man of similar leanings. A man who has traveled, who has explored, who has sought out knowledge. And a man who has returned home to the Home Stone of his life, the marking of his passage in the glorious City of Ti.”

“Each Companionship, Each Child of Ti is a blessing and a joy, and each is celebrated, loved, revelled in as the strengthening of the bonds of hearth and home. For what man fights more fiercely than one who has a family to protect? What woman stands straighter than one who’s sons become the men of her city? These are the ties that bind us, as a people, as a community, as Ti.”

“Garian, with this woman, Julia of the gens of Tatus, it is your intention to enter into contract of communion with her? To build and strengthen your hearth and your home? To set bonds and boundaries, to guide her, to protect her, to provide for her as your free companion of your will and choosing?”

Garian Vidor blinks slowly, looking straight at Julia and beginning to grin. “I pledge to be her companion, yes.”

Adamark Susenko: Julia, with this man, Garian of the Vidor, it is your intention to enter into contract with him? To build and strengthen your hearth and homestone? To be guided and bound to him in the confines of companionship? To honor him and your Home Stone and city in all that you do? To accept him as your free companion of your will and choosing?

Sabina Takakura lets out a long, slow, breath and speaks. “I pledge to be his companion.” and smiled.

Adamark Susenko: As it has been stated before witnesses, let it be written for perpetuity in document, that Julia of the gens Tatus, and Garian of gens Vidor have chosen each other in free companionship; that they have accepted the duties and responsibilities to themselves, to their Home Stone, and to each other. Let them mark now, on the contract, their signatures of assent and acceptance of this duty.

Garian Vidor moves toward the document, scribbling his signature with the quill swiftly, allowing it legally so

Sabina Takakura gently takes the quill from his hand, and signs her own name to it, just below his.

Adamark Susenko reaches down beside him and lifts up a ornate cup, handing it to Garian.

“Having accepted each other as free companions, you will share hearth and home, and symbolic of that, you share the cup of Free Companionship. From this day, to the end of your contract, you share cups, cups of joy, cups of sorrow, but always together at each other’s side, in honor and pride of your purpose and Home Stone”

Garian Vidor, in a matter of Gorean tradition, interlocks his arm with Julia and takes a sip of the wine for free companionship, handing it to Julia and licking his lip

Sabina Takakura takes the cup, and keeping her arm locked with his, slips the cup beneath her veils and drinks.

Adamark Susenko: The Gorean Free Companion relishes in a more protected status, but too, she is vulnerable. Expressed in the removal of the eight veils, one by one. But too, she is companion to this man, not his slave. And for each layer of protection between him and her he takes away, he must provide something in kind. Garian, as you remove each veil, speak of something that you promise to provide for your companion. And the last veil, the last promise, is private, between you both, and not for the eyes and and ears of so many witnesses.

Garian Vidor smiles, releasing his interlocked arm to reach forward to hold the first layer of the veil, saying, “I pledge to you…” he pulls it off, letting it fall to the ground between both of them, “to maintain strength for your protection.” He moves to the next one while smiling to her, watching her eyes, pulling it from her again, “to keep honour and respect to both our names.” The third falls by the time he says, “to build a family along side you.” He moves to the fourth, inhaling deeply…

Garian Vidor exhales with a bigger smile, looking at the attendance briefly before looking back into Julia’s eyes. He pulls the fourth, “I pledge to care for and maintain the health of our family.” And with the fifth, “to guide you, ensuring your focus with me.” He sees the veils are thining as he goes for the sixth, “I shall nourish you not only with food and shelter, but intellect.” He reaches for the seventh, but says before pulling it off, “and I shall respect you as a free woman.” He pulls it to fall on top of the other layers piled up, looking at the last one, the private one that remains.

Sabina Takakura tenses up, almost out of instinct with each veil he removes, then relaxes as she takes a deep breath. She couldn’t help but smile at the promises, and whispered very quietly, “Thank you.”

Adamark Susenko smiles at them both and continues. “Agreed and signed, shared and promised, the companionship contract of Garian of the Vidor and Julia of the Tatus is acknowledged and accepted by the City of Ti, will be filed in the hall of documents, and respected by each of her citizens. I wish you both a peaceful, and strong companionship, Great health, Great Wealth, and Strong proud free children.”

Ta Gor Civitatus Ti.

Garian Vidor says with Adamark, “Ta Gor Civitatis Ti.”

Sabina Takakura grins like a fool and chimes in “Ta Gor Civitatis Ti!”

A Gift

Rip Razor: I wont be attending your…feast. I bring a gift for this man….the son of Garian.

Garian Vidor looks to the man garbed in black with a puzzled look on his face

Sabina Takakura tenses, seeing the black helmet and shoots a worried look at Garian.

Adamark Susenko arches a brow and steps forward, hand at his hilt, just in case.

Lamya Seferis raises a brow and looks at the mans color, a brief flicker of hope and a smirk rise to her.

Rip Razor suddenly draws both the swords from his back with blinding speed and then crouches low before the feet of the son of his mentor, laying the swords out intricately before him. “These belonged to your father. I think he would want you to have them on this day.”

Adamark Susenko smiles and relaxes his hand, watching the gift bearing.

Sabina Takakura nearly faints dead away as soon as she realized there was no ill will there.

Garian Vidor backs up with shock at first, hand extended to Julia, before realizing the intent, “My… father’s swords…Uh, thank you.”

Lamya Seferis makes a noise that sounds a lot like, “That figures.” and rolls to her feet, hands smoothing any wrinkles out

Selene Freenote pauses in the motions of a sturdy applause, and puts her hands folded in her lap again. She says with quiet delight. “Pretty!”

Kallista Muliaina thinks what a precious gift

Rip Razor then draws the sheath from his back and tosses it over to the man as well. “One day you will wield these blades as you lead the Black Caste in to glory.”

Syngen Sohmers coughs, more than a little surprised

Garian Vidor catches it, moving the swords over to the stage, laughing slightly now, “Okay, I think it’s time for some food and Ka-la-na”

Rip Razor turns and moves away, disappearing into the ship before it sets sail.


Syngen Sohmers snaps the fans open with a bright flash, exaggerating the delicate movements of her hands and arms, watery, flowing wending her way around the space, flower petals lifting and churning in her wake. How softly she spins, the balls of her feet making the sharp tattoo on the wood in time to the lapping Olni.

(Full dance not included)

And of course…

What happens under the golden love lamps, stays under the golden love lamps.

Thank you

Minu Maktoum for the plates from the Tahari.

Sacha Kessel for the slave ring and chain.

Koh Gausman and Xaz Elephas for the “Black Gold”.

Rip Razor for the blades.

Nadia (Syngen Sohmers) for the cake and preparations.

And everyone who showed up.